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Emalon, those are some nice gloves you are giving me.

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Emalon, those are some nice gloves you are giving me.

Post  Svander on Wed May 06, 2009 10:43 pm

I'm a jerk. Kind of.

So I join this PUG of Vault 25 yesterday (yo Droxia, wassup) that had been wiping for the past hour and we one shot the new boss. Sweet deal, now I've downed him on both my 80s. There was one other Warlock in the group and the Conquerer's whatever gloves drop. Tier 8.5, best a lock can get atm I think. Nifty. I roll. I roll a 1. Crud, right? Raid laughs in chat. A few moments go by, and the ML gives it to me. Hells yeah! I got the best gloves in game handed to me on a 1 roll. The other Warlock freaks. I scroll up. I don't see his roll. No one else says anything about seeing a roll. Normally at this point everyone would be squawking like hens and I'd have a million PST from raid leader and what not. But no, apparently he is the only one who sees his roll. We go kill the other boss, some PVP chestpiece for warlocks drops. I tell him I'll pass if he needs it, but he's already got it so I roll and get that loot too. He's pissed, expecting me to open a ticket and give him the gloves. I offer no such thing and zone out.

Get a bitchy email from the toon that he's opening an error ticket. And, I can totally sympathize. It sucks. He spent two hours wiping on the RAID and then I join at the last minute and get all the warlock stuff with a garbage roll. But you know what, that's the game. I've done plenty of raids where I've wasted hours and either we couldnt get the boss down or we clear and nothing drops for me. But I know from past experience that the GM wont give him my loot if he opens a ticket, I'd have to do that. A couple weeks ago a Paladin ninja'd some death knight tier 7.5 pants I should have won. I opened a ticket but Blizzard wouldn't do anything. The other character ignored me and he couldn't even use the item. At least I'm going to enjoy the heck out of these gloves. They'd probably take me months to otherwise get if at all.

So I basically told him, sorry. That's tough. Didn't see your roll and no one else did either. But I sent him 400g as a consolation. I'm sure he intended to roll on that item and would have surely won it. Doubt the G will make him happy but I didn't even have to give him that. I'm still a jerk, just not a complete jerk.


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Re: Emalon, those are some nice gloves you are giving me.

Post  Droxia on Thu May 07, 2009 2:54 am

I haven't been to this forum in ages. Considering your surprise visit into that Sandwich No Jutsu raid (and no, I never want to raid with them again) maybe that's why I'm here. As far as your new gloves I can only say this.

1 is the new 100.

and if you don't believe me, you try rolling a 100 on something you need!

but more importantly, Grats Svander.


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Re: Emalon, those are some nice gloves you are giving me.

Post  Ledgewalker on Thu May 07, 2009 9:58 am


I would be doing the same thing.
My guess is he did not even roll and just was mad when he missed it.

I try to not run with them too lol

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Re: Emalon, those are some nice gloves you are giving me.

Post  Keljaedon on Fri May 08, 2009 8:17 am

Posting on Forums? NO way! Who does that anymore >.> So, I ran the 10man of Vault and won the tanking pants. We had 3 warriors in party......And we were all dps at the time. However, during the fight I think our OT Dc'd or something, so I ended up tossing on my sword/Board and picked him up for the punt kicks. In the end, when the roll came up!!!! It went to me. The main reason was "I tanked him" so the raid said. The other warriors didn't seem butt hurt over it and I just won myself some Tier 8...Giggity.

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Re: Emalon, those are some nice gloves you are giving me.

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