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On the breeding habits of the Draenei

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On the breeding habits of the Draenei

Post  rambunny on Wed Apr 08, 2015 3:55 pm

Here's my long awaited post on how I think Draenei procreate.
In the long-ago history of the Draenei, the species procreated through standard bipedal sexual reproduction as do most others.  Over time, technology was advanced in the fields of magic, and also computers, and even computers imbued with magic.  These things were all necessary for the advancement of space, time and dimensional travel.  After several generations of experimentation, the Exarches of the time declared that a new way had been found to improve the race, and make the physical bodies of succeeding generations able to withstand the rigors of those travels, essentially a global eugenics program in which all existing members of the race could participate.
At a set age, individuals could voluntarily travel to the housings of these intricate, magic imbued machines and their Na'aru custodians, which would scan donated reproductive DNA for positive traits and cross-fertilize the best samples randomly across each other.  This accomplished several goals: genetic diversity was maintained, strong physical and mental characteristics could be emphasized, magical attunement could be encouraged.  After exposure to the Burning Legion when the race was sundered into what today are the Draenei and Eredar, it also allowed fel-tainted genetic code to be weeded out of the gene pool.
After selection and cross-fertilization, these Draenei embryos are stored in batches until the network of Na'aru determines a need for higher population, such as arrival in a new region of space-time or population attrition from old age.  Then the whole batch (which is referred to as a "crash") is activated at once with an infusion of Light, so the entire set of useful skills and traits of the crash can be utilized together.  The members of a crash typically refer to each other as brother and sister, even though enough genetic diversity is maintained to essentially nullify any chance of defective offspring resulting from old-fashioned reproduction.
Often, a Na'aru, its computer and its "crash" are launched through the void to find new worlds for the Draenei to inhabit.  One such group is the ship "Exodar" and its associated "crash site"(roll one, you'll see), where the newly minted Draenei are released into the wild after their incubation period with the Light.  Unfortunately, the impact with Azeroth damaged the Exodar's computer such that it's no longer able to fulfill it's duties as the primary reproductive method of this crash of Draenei.  They have since reverted to sexual reproduction, which is why a smattering of Draenei children are to be seen, but all others appear to be the same age.
This is why I refer to my other Draenei toons as Tec's sisters, because they're all from the same crash.


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Re: On the breeding habits of the Draenei

Post  Kyux on Wed Apr 08, 2015 4:33 pm

I like this theory!

The lore is sound and it makes sense to me. Very plausible : )

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Re: On the breeding habits of the Draenei

Post  Ilthaelyn on Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:43 pm

Wow, You really seem to have put a large amount of time and thought into that. Impressive. I never really thought about it one way or another, but I think I agree ^_^

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Re: On the breeding habits of the Draenei

Post  Ilthien on Thu Apr 09, 2015 5:16 am

This post scares me....and intrigues me

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Re: On the breeding habits of the Draenei

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