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Tanking (aka Warriors vs Druids, the epic battle)

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Tanking (aka Warriors vs Druids, the epic battle)

Post  Thinger on Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:00 am

I found this on another forum today. I thought it was a good analysis and that some of you might be interested in reading it. I'm crossposting it here for your reading/quoting pleasure.

Jbellx wrote:

Though new to this forum (Found it months ago when looking for a Mauglar guide, and Anikki's Guides are awesome), I would like to give my own opinion on this subject.

The Warrior VS. Druid tanking stuff is a hot topic these days. As someone said before, if a hybrid class surpases the class that is designed ONLY for that, then the game is broken.

But it is important to say that they are just different. Warriors are designed to be Main Tanks.
No other class can do this job as good as as a warrior (Crushing mitigation and some "save-the-day" buttons help the warrior on his job to be a main tank).

Can a druid be main tank?
Of course they can. I have seen Gruul tanked by a Feral Druid when the two main tanks died. And he did an awesome job, but I think it is not the best job they can do.

In my honest opinion, druids are the best off tank ever. Their capabilities to generate huge amount of agro and damage without the need of being hit is completely unmatched and NO warrior can do the same thing without risking a lot (By Dual Wielding).

It is not a matter of who is best or worse at tanking, it is a matter of what you can do best.

Any serious PVE guild MUST have Feral druids within their ranks. They are quite helpful in a lot of fights (You already talked about combat Resurrection, Buffs and awesome DPS).

The only problem left is that, while prot specc warriors sacrifice their character in order to raid, losing almost all skill to farm or quest (It is just boring), druids have retain their DPS and can even go into PVP.
That generates some Envy on druids, the very same envy that druids have when they cannot be Main Tanks due to the fact that have no Crushing Blow mitigation (Try Argussian Compass Very Happy) other than stress the healers a little bit more.

My guild has already cleaned UP Karazhan, Gruul and Magtheridon, and feral druids are an important part of our tanking corps.

On the other hand, I would love to see a "Tankadin" since I've never seen one tanking.


JBelix - Warrior Level 70 (C'Thun Server).

P.S.- Anikki, thanks for your guides, they helped me a lot Very Happy

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