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Petite made me write a Poem

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Petite made me write a Poem

Post  Kyux on Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:30 pm

Ok, it was either this or singing so seriously, I made the smart move. Anyway, here goes my poetic genius:

"There once was a girl called Petite,
but she wasn't always very sweet.
She enjoyed her murder,
and seemed to be a corpse herder.

She had her various means,
in which she did her teens.
Adults were more of a wait,
but who's bodies she did amputate.

Her greatest pride and joy,
was also her hardest ploy.
The Children's bones were resolute,
she overcame them as a brute.

However, she wasn't all bad,
she wasn't always so mad.
This lil' petite did have a wonderous claim,
and that was a child with an epic name.

Her little Peter was somewhat ghostly,
but he did conduct himself brightly.
This was ofcourse thanks to Ky,
her helpful co-parent guy.

He was so very awesome,
but made Petite somewhat woesome,
when he wasn't there to help her pwn,
in everything that he might condone.

Young Peter had such a destiny,
which would at some point lead to villany.
But he was a charmer,
and pulled in the gurls like a farmer.

Petite was the guild favorite,
perhaps because of her cunning wit,
or maybe even her, without a guess,
her abolutlely stunning, /winkable dress.

But I think I know the real reason,
I've been watching her like treason.
The reason everyone 'loves' her,
is because if they don't they disspaear in a blur!

They off in a woosh,
and their heads in a squish.
Their bodies disembered,
never to be remembered.

Because if you tried to catch her out,
you'd find yourself in a fatal bout.
She'd be after you in a rage,
and this'd be my last poetic pa..."

The rest of the poem is unreadably but ends
shotly after the where the bloodstains were found.


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